Our company was founded in 1974, and we have practiced industrial activities ever since.

CatMarina designs, builds and sells high quality Floating Villas for the customers primarily in the European market. A seaworthy floating villa ( category D ) offers you a new way to enjoy water. You can live and angle comfortably indoors. If you just want to enjoy the beauty of nature, we have perfect solutions for you. Our product range starts from small saunas to big floating villas.


CatMarina’s unconditional product design has created popular Floating Villa models.

At CatMarina we use only the best of materials and equipment, so you can trust in our quality.

All CatMarina products are CE-approved.

General info

Safety and CE- approval
All CatMarina products are CE- approved and manufacturer’s plate is on every product.

When storing your Floating Villa in harbour or docking area, you must follow local regulations.
All CatMarina models are designed also to endure icy conditions. Before winter storage, please read through the owners manual.

Owners manual
Every vessel type has a manual of its own. You will find all basic information concerning use and maintenance from the manual. For further information, please contact manufacturer or your local dealer.

Taking into use
Regulations about the needed licence for driving your vessel can differ from country to country. For private use, please ask your local dealer for regulations in your country about the needed licence, if any. We will always provide a basic training for you, when taking product into use.

All CatMarina products have a 1-year guarantee. Other equipment, e.g engines, has manufacturer’s own warranty.

Please ask your local dealer about the options for obligatory and all-risk insurance.


With maintenance related issues, please contact us directly at our factory.

Phone: +358 20 7669 660
Email: info(at)catmarina.fi

1 Winter Storage
Floating villas and Sauna cabins are designed to spend the winter in the water, but the place must be sheltered so that pack ice for example, can’t damage it. At customers order the vessel can be built fit for winter habitation, but the above-mentioned recommendations on the place selection still apply. So follow the following winter storage instructions.

Make the necessary winter maintenances to the engines and other equipment, according to their separate manuals.

Drain tanks and leave the valves partially open.

Electrical instruments are best protected against oxidation and theft by removing them and storing them in a dry indoor environment during the winter. Remove the batteries and take them to a warm and dry place but insert them at least twice during the winter. Spray the electrical connectors with a suitable moisture repellent.

NOTE! Possible fabric covers and their ropes should not directly touch the surface of the vessel, because their flap and movement may cause tensions in the surface materials.

1.1 Measures before winter storage
If frost is to be expected, empty the cooling water from the engine and the aggregate according to their manuals. Also, empty both the clear water as well as the septic tanks.

Lift your Floating Villa or Sauna cabin to dry land good time before the water freezes.

Before lifting, you should usually do the following:
* The engine oil change
* Preliminary washing
* Clear the extra goods from the vessel. Remember however, to leave the safety equipment, such as fire extinguisher, still in the vessel. The manufacturer shall provide additional information where appropriate. The vessels lifting related matters for example.